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Qualitative Research Methods

About Us

This website is a funded project entitled “Develop a blended learning course on Advanced Qualitative Research Skills ”from the Department of Social Sciences, EdUHK. As supervisors of Honours Projects for undergraduates, we noticed that our students usually did not have enough knowledge and skills to conduct a proper research. By organising a series of workshops (which were completed in years 2016 and 2017) and by developing this online course, we hope to provide additional tips and guidelines for students to sharpen their understanding of qualitative research methods.

What to expect

This website aims not to be comprehensive and exhaustive but to equip students to conduct small scale research (such as honours projects). Therefore, it covers mainly four commonly used qualitative methods by our students. Each contains some basic tips and further readings. To enhance learning, research reflections from previous students will be included too.


This website provides very basic guidelines for student researchers. If you have more questions about a particular research method, you should talk to your supervisor!

What to expect

Project Team

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Dr. Anita CHAN Kit Wa



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Dr. Lawrence HO Ka Ki

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Mr. Andy CHIU

Project Team
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